29th November / Proud Camden, London NW1 8AH

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welcome & introduction


colin morrison

Founder, Flashes & Flames

How magazine brands, through agile thinking and nimble working practices, can reinvigorate their long-term strategies.

Rebekah Billingsley

Head of Digital & Content Strategy, John Brown Publishing

How innovative techniques from content marketing companies should be influencing magazine publishers on new ways to monetise content streams (including video and programmatic advertising).

Steve Lok

Head of Marketing Tech & Ops, The Economist

Why context is everything and how The Economist uses a mixture of tech, data and content to streamline and scaleup traditional mass mediums including TV, PR and digital out-of-home.




Liam Keating

Partner, Machine Books

How restructuring Conde Nast’s workflow process​ for magazines (including Wired, British Vogue and GQ) should lead the way for other magazine brands to be prepared for new industry ​developments.​

Shodor Uddin

Digital Publications Designer, National Theatre

How designing an interactive customer app needs to be supported by a smooth user-experience and intuitive marketing to make sure you connect with your core audience.




Marko Karppinen

CEO, Richie

Death by a thousand cuts: There’s no one thing wrong with your magazine app.

Karla Courtney

Digital Director, Medium Rare

How content apps can engage a brand’s audience, extend the relationship with a target audience and ways to use the latest tech to make the experience even more immersive.




Carolyn Morgan

MD, Penmaen Media

Why digital magazines need to evolve to succeed by examining how people consume digital content and how publishers should be experimenting with different formats to generate new income.

Nial Ferguson

Director, Nial Ferguson Consulting

Traverses the trials and tribulations of 25 years’ experience in the industry (including as Future UK’s MD) and looks for light at the end of the publishing tunnel.

Tom Beckenham

CEO, Specle

Why magazine brands need to think like tech companies and apply learnings from tech startups to create successful digital magazine businesses.




Alette Holmberg-Nielsen

Product Owner, issuu

How digital newsstand are connected systems rather than a destination and why magazines need to create shareable and reusable content in order to maximise visibility across multiple channels and devices.

Matt White

Director, Space 66

Why we should be making ads that don't suck and how user experience design and agile marketing are crucial in the production of digital magazines.


Q&A and Networking Drinks

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